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2022 / 01 / 19
Cloud Game PC FARM

Today, mobile devices basically cover mobile users, and mobile games (cloud games) have become one of the important houses of young people More games have been moved to the cloud, so in recent years, cloud gaming has developed rapidly KIWACN Kaiwang Technology happens to be a relevant industry chain

KIWACN Kaiwang Technology often receives inquiries about similar product requirements Need to address issues such as IPMI, node power supply, RISER card 4.0 compatibility, and heat dispersion Satisfy similar customer needs Using the idea of blade servers to assist customers with ODM products:; AMD platform is compatible with 2u2 nodes and 2u4 nodes; The INTEL platform is compatible with 4u4 nodes and 5u5 nodes The product volume is consistently increasing and accumulating

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Blade servers: Blade servers are composed of multiple thin "blades" to form a single system, with each blade acting as an independent server node These blades can be neatly arranged in the cabinet, there improving the density and energy efficiency of the system Blade servers are individually suitable for applications that require high performance computing and large scale data throughput, such as in industries such as finance and telecommunications