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2022 / 01 / 19
AI GPU chassis solution

; In the era of AI, with the array of GTP, the development of AI has accelerated, and various industries are closely following AI. When it comes to AI, it's possible to bypass GPU servers, as GPUs have more options; GPUs are combined to perform series and parallel operations and reasoning, which are used in scientific research, the Internet, big data, computational power model, and other important industries

; GPU servers cannot do without the support of server chassis The design of Kaiwang server chassis closely follows industry products, and a series of products are designed and produced to meet industry needs

; The product can be adapted to the super large board (third generation platform) to meet the needs of 4 graphics cards, with different hard drive slots of 4/8/12 The depth is L=450MM, 650MM, and the heat dissertation is also outstanding, paid with 4090 * 4 graphics cards Install 8038 * 8 fans for heat dissipation (Attached diagram)

画板 8.jpg

; At the same time, we are also developing more graphics cards to meet the needs of fourth generation products There is a surprise you want Please consult and follow more